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What our customers say about Sockatoos…

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“These joggers are great, I have twins and for nursery this is all they wear. Now I only have to find one item per child in the mornings rather  than trousers then a pair of matching socks!”
Julia, Mum of 3

“My car floor has always been littered with tiny socks, first for my children and now for my grandchildren. My daughter has been using Bites jeans for the past year for her second child and they are ingenious.”
Alison, Mum of 2, Grandma of 5

“The rubber grips are fantastic on our wooden floor”
Tom, Father of 1, Grampy of 2

“I wish all the children here were wearing them!”
Abigail, Room Leader, Little Acorns

“ They are easy to get on and off and look like separates”
Alex, Dad of 2

“ These little trousers have been great at keeping my little one warm. Firstly when I was carrying her in a baby carrier and her trousers would ride up. And now she is a little older and wearing wellies – no more gaps between  socks and trousers”
Hannah, Mum of 1

 “ These are fantastic little jeans with built in socks. They are really good quality denim and the socks fit really well.

Suzanne M 

 " Very quick delivery and I couldn't be happier with these jeans! My little one already loves them. They are very soft and comfy; very easy to put on or off and the socks attached to them is a great idea as we always had the problem of losing socks in the house! Also the grip under the sock is an added bonus. Highly recommend them."

Amazon Customer