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5 Top Tips To Create The Feeling OF HYGGE - With Olive Tree Home

5 Top Tips To Create The Feeling OF HYGGE - With Olive Tree Home


A quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish Culture)

So in a nutshell Hygge, pronounced hyoo.guh, is the Danish term for life's simple pleasures, embracing these, feeling cozy and content. The feeling of wrapping up in a blanket, having great conversations, reading a good book and enjoying food with family and friends.

This feeling can be injected within our homes very easily by adding textures, candles, removing clutter, introducing phone free time, and slowing down.

Neutral colour schemes such as light greys, browns and creams work well as they are not overwhelming and offer a perfect pallette. Additional accessories can then pull the scheme together creating a cozy and tranquil haven.

 STEP1: Candles, and lots of them...

When speaking to most Danes about creating a Hygge home, the first thing they would suggest would be, add candles. 

The glow of candles instantly creates a relaxing atmosphere, lifting spirits and casting warm light throughout. Scented candles go that extra step by not only creating the perfect light and ambience but they can instantly create a calm, comforting and relaxing haven through their amazing power of scent. This time of year I especially love to add vanilla and cinammon based fragrances to my collections.

Experience hygge heaven right here

 STEP 2: Lighting

As well as candles, adding lamps to create soft ambient lighting makes a huge difference. Turn those huge main lights off, light the fire, add table lamps and even fairy lights and you will be amazed the difference this can make to a room.

Huddle around the fire and indulge in the warm glow.

STEP 3: Add layers and texture...

Adding tactile textures is so important when it comes to hyggeing up your interior. Blankets and throws adds an instant hygge feel. A variety of textures work well together. Think of a faux fur rug, gorgeous cashmere scarves and blankets, and a chunky hand knitted throw. I would love to share a couple of my favourite brands who offer the most amazing knitted blankets and scarves.

The very gorgeous The Tartan Blanket Co. After receiving one of their beautiful tartan cashmere scarves last christmas I was hooked. Its the coziest, softest scarf I have ever owned and their blankets are just as wonderful. Based up in Edinburgh, Emma and Fergus have created a really unique and gorgeous brand, they therefore had to recieve a mention when it comes to creating hygge in your home, or as they call it up in Scotland, 'Colsie'.


Another favourite of mine and best of all local, is the gorgeous Dolly Sheep Home. Cathryn knits all of her amazing chunky knits herself. I adore her throws, they are perfect for snuggling up to and she also adds bespoke knitted touches to baskets, theres another perfect hygge texture to add to your home.

STEP 4: Bring in the books

Hygge equals simplicity, time to put your phone away for a while, turn off the television and cozy up on your sofa, which should now be covered in blankets and throws.

Light your candles and curl up with a good book. Sounds like a cliche maybe, but it makes such a huge difference. Allowing your mind to do this and switch off from the everyday a little bit each day has an amazing benefit for your mental health. And when you're not reading, show them off on your coffee table and on shelves. If you can see them you are more likely to ready them and they'll look pretty good too.

STEP 5: Enjoy the simple things...

Life's little pleasures can very easily become overlooked, yet if we take the time to enjoy something as simple as a steaming cup of hot chocolate, filled with marshmallows and cream, cosy pyjamas and knitted bed socks.

My particular favourite being a gorgeous pair of Perilla Alpaca wool bed socks, they are the softest most luxurious socks, I adore them.

These everyday pleasures are so attainable, but if you really take the time to indulge in them you are well and truly embracing the hygge lifestyle.

Happy Hygge living!

I hope you've enjoyed my 5 little tips to add a bit of hygge to your home.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year. Being a candle maker, I love the darker evenings when you can light candles throughout your home, enjoy gorgeous wintery scents. To me this is pure bliss!

It is also the time of year when I make the most changes to my scent library. I am always so excited to release my autumn winter fragrance collection and this year I have some really special and unique scents lined up for you to enjoy.

Perfect for creating pure hygge...

Helen x