About Us

baby toddler girl wearing cute jeans trousers pants with socks attached

Like many parents, I was frustrated with constantly losing my baby sons’ socks in the wash, behind the sofa, in the car and when out and about; with their trousers riding up in the baby carrier or out of their wellies; and with trying to keep chilly toes under wraps in the cooler months.

One day, while I was getting my youngest son dressed into his little jeans and trying for the umpteenth time to get – and keep – his socks on while he was wriggling around and in a strop, I wondered whether it were possible to buy footed toddler and baby trousers, where the socks are actually attached. Alas, I was unable to find any such item despite my determined search, and the concept for ‘Sockatoos’ all-in-ones was born. 

It took a couple of years of tweaking and perfecting the design and finding the right manufacturer for the job who could live up to my high expectations, standards and ethics. I wanted to produce a product I could be proud of and in which I would want to dress my own children.

Little ones love Sockatoos because they are comfy and cosy; it takes less time for grown-ups to dress them so they can get back to baby business; and mummy and daddy spend less time doing boring shopping because they don’t have to march grumpily around the supermarket an extra five times looking for the sock that's been kicked off. Pre-school teachers love Sockatoos because they are the only socks still on little feet at the end of the day.

I cannot tell you how much easier Sockatoos will make your life. They wash well, wear well, look fab and save bags of time and headaches. I really hope you love them as much as I - and lots of faithful customers - do.

Natalie x