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Are you tired of the sock monster stealing your sanity? Does laundry day turn into a frantic search for missing little socks?

Are you tired of the sock monster stealing your sanity? Does laundry day turn into a frantic search for missing little socks?

Sockatoos: All-in-One Trousers and Socks for Happy Kids and Relieved Parents (never lose a sock again!)

Are you tired of the sock monster stealing your sanity? Does laundry day turn into a frantic search for missing socks, especially those tiny toddler socks that never seem to stay on? You're not alone. Millions of parents spend countless hours sorting socks, a chore that steals precious time and adds unnecessary stress.


At Sockatoos, we believe laundry shouldn't be a nightmare. That's why we created Sockatoos: a revolutionary line of kids trousers with socks built-in so no more lost socks designed to bring joy to kids and relief to parents.

Sockatoos: The Solution to Lost Socks and Frustration

  • Toddler Socks That Stay On: Our playful pops of colour and 100% cotton and snug fit ensure those tiny socks stay put, no matter how active your little one gets. Say goodbye to lost socks in the car, baby carrier or pram!
  • Babies' Socks That Don't Come Off: Sockatoos' clever designs and high-quality materials keep socks securely on even the wiggliest and grabbiest babies. No more cold toes or socks pulled off during nappy changes!
  • Forget About Baby Trousers with Built-In Socks: Sockatoos offer a simpler, more versatile solution. They come in a variety of sizes to grow with your child, eliminating the need for multiple pairs of baby trousers with socks that quickly become too small.

The Sockatoos Advantage:

  • Mismatched-Proof Fun: Our vibrant colourful Sockatoos are trousers with socks attached so one item with the perfect pair of socks that wont fall off, eliminating the need for sorting socks in the wash!
  • Laundry Made Easy: Throw Sockatoos in the wash, three items in one and save yourself hours of frustration. No more sorting and searching for pairs of little socks!
  • Durable Comfort: We use high-quality, breathable materials for all-day comfort. Sockatoos socks are built to last, wash after wash.
  • Stylish Designs: Sockatoos aren't just practical, they're fashionable too! Let your kids express their individuality and add a touch of fun to their everyday outfits.
  • Confidence for Kids: Knowing they have comfortable, matching all-in-one socks gives kids one less thing to worry about when learning to dress themselves – just pop on the trousers and the socks follow. Getting dressed is quick and fun – then they can focus on playing, exploring, and being kids.

More Than Just Socks, Sockatoos are a Solution

Sockatoos are more than just a trousers and sock company; we're a Mum-run business passionate about making life easier for busy parents. We understand the challenges of keeping up with laundry, especially when it comes to those pesky socks. That's why we developed Sockatoos – a simple yet effective solution that saves you time and frustration.

Sockatoos: Perfect for Every Kid

Sockatoos offer a wide variety of styles and sizes to suit every child's needs and personality. From playful colours for babies of 3 months all the way to toddlers and pre-schoolers, we have the perfect pair of mismatch-proof socks for your little ones.

Join the Sockatoos Revolution!

Say goodbye to lost socks and hello to a happier laundry day. Browse our collection of FUNctional Sockatoos today and discover the Sockatoos difference!

Happy Kids, Relieved Parents: That's the Sockatoos Promise!