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How to keep your baby entertained whilst in the pram - Sockatoos has some top tips!

How to keep your baby entertained whilst in the pram - Sockatoos has some top tips!

Taming the Tiny Tantrums: Keeping Your Bundle of Joy Entertained in the Pram

Ah, the pram. The place where most baby socks go missing.... But also a haven for snoozes, a chariot for park adventures, and sometimes, a battleground against boredom-induced tantrums. Keeping your little one content during pram rides can feel like an Olympic sport for parents. But fear not, fellow adventurers! Here's your ultimate guide to keeping your baby or toddler entertained during those crucial stroller outings.

Sensory Stimulation is Key:

Newborns and young babies are constantly absorbing information about the world around them. Engage those curious minds with a variety of sensory experiences:

  • Visual and Tactile Delights: Hang colourful mobiles or high-contrast toys within pram view. Crinkle paper or textured fabrics offer fascinating visual and tactile stimulation.
  • Musical Magic: Soothing lullabies or gentle instrumental music can have a calming effect. For older babies, introduce them to nursery rhymes or upbeat tunes to get their tiny toes tapping.
  • Talking Time: Narrate your day! Describe what you see on your walk, sing familiar songs, or simply chat in a soothing voice. Your voice is the most comforting sound to your baby.

Let's Get Physical! (But Not Too Physical):

Movement is essential for your little one's development. Here are some safe and fun ways to incorporate movement into your pram adventures:

  • Change Up the Scenery: Take different routes on your walks. Explore parks, visit bustling streets, or stroll by calming bodies of water. New sights and sounds will pique their curiosity.
  • Tummy Time on the Go: When parked safely, lay a soft blanket on the ground and let your baby enjoy some tummy time laying on their tummies. This strengthens their neck and core muscles.
  • Interactive Toys: Clip-on toys with rattles, bells, or textures encourage your baby to reach and grasp, fostering their hand-eye coordination.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Pram:

Babies are fascinated by faces. Consider a pram mirror positioned safely for them to see their own reflection or yours. It'll keep them occupied for surprising amounts of time.

Snack Time on the Move:

For older babies who have started solids, a healthy snack can be a welcome distraction. Opt for soft, easy-to-hold finger foods like teething biscuits or fruit slices. Remember: Always supervise your baby while they eat and ensure they are sitting upright. We have some delicious snack and cake recipes here on our blog.

The Sock Drama: A Common Stroller Struggle

Let's be honest, keeping socks on wriggling, curious babies can feel like a losing battle. Lost socks in the park, socks mysteriously ending up under the stroller seat – the struggle is real. This constant game of sock retrieval not only disrupts your pram time, but also exposes your baby's cold little feet and creates a nightmare when pairing socks in the wash.

The Sock-uation: Introducing Sockatoos!

Enter Sockatoos – the ingenious solution to the age-old problem of lost socks! Sockatoos are a godsend for parents. These aren't your average baby socks. They're cleverly designed all-in-one trousers with built-in socks.

Made from soft, durable cotton, Sockatoos provide ultimate comfort for your little one. Plus, the built-in socks eliminate the constant worry of those tiny foot coverings disappearing into the stroller abyss.

Sockatoos offer a multitude of benefits for parents and babies alike:

  • No More Lost Socks: Say goodbye to frantic searches under the stroller and endless laundry mismatches. Shop our range now!
  • Warm and Cosy Feet: Sockatoos keep your baby's feet warm and comfortable, allowing them to enjoy their pram adventures without getting chilly.
  • Less Fuss, More Fun: Eliminate the frustration of constantly putting socks back on. Sockatoos mean less fuss and more time for precious bonding moments with your baby.
  • Stylish and Practical: Sockatoos come in a variety of adorable styles and colours, ensuring your little one looks as cute as they are comfy.
Baby socks that stay on


So, the next time you head out for a pram adventure, ditch the sock drama and embrace the convenience and comfort of Sockatoos! With Sockatoos, you can focus on creating lasting memories with your happy, entertained, and warm little one.