The Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table - Welcome to Sockatoos

The Kitchen Table - Welcome to Sockatoos


On writing this first blog I find myself looking back at the last 10 months.  It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences.  First, winning the Made for Mums Award and then follows the next 6 months of lockdown.  It has been a struggle to concentrate on Sockatoos whilst home schooling, but with new eyes and a fresh start, I am restarting my blog and creating a monthly newsletter.

The newsletter will of course have my blog but will also have some great recipes for you and the kids, and also some reviews and input from some of my favourite suppliers and local businesses.



I started life as a Financial Advisor, something that I enjoyed but being a creative person, I knew wasn't my passion.  When I had my first baby I found myself thinking of ideas all over the place on how to solve all the little problems that come with becoming a new parent.  One of those crazy ideas was socks attached to trousers, the next thing I know I am sketching out designs and mocking up a logo.



During the last year or two I have visited baby shows and attended trade conferences. During this I have been inspired by all of the creativity, passion and drive I have witnessed from so many amazing women and mums.  This is where I derived the name of my blog 'The Kitchen Table' because this is where I spent my time creating this brand and product and so did the majority of the amazing 'mumpreneurs' I have been lucky enough to meet.

Well, I hope you enjoy this first blog and newsletter and I would love to hear from you about what you think about the product and well, just about anything.

Natalie x